The BullUnion was established to help as many people join an already existing, Major Union, as safely and discreetly as possible.

We strive to perform at our best to help you and your fellow employees achieve your goals by helping yourselves to get to a better place.

Probably the biggest reason we have developed this method has to do with the initial response from a company’s management towards its employees after hearing about some of the employees joining a union. They will first initiate intimidation in the form of a meeting that has a number of your manager’s bosses speaking to you about how bad unions are. You’ve heard about the store or stores they have closed due to economic conditions-which actually were closed because they do not want there employees to receive good wages and a life outside of work. The second wave from management has to do with a large shift of employees from other stores coming into your store to help or, as we like to refer to it as…”Starving employees out”. Once they’ve brought these managers/employees from other stores into your facility, they don’t need you to work as many hours, therefore you earn less-“Starving you out”.

Therefore, to be able to implement your fellow employees and you into a major union as quickly as possible, this will become the best way to make that a reality. With our PayPal method to enroll with, and for less than .10 cents a day…you can become a BullUnion member and work with us in the organizing effort by simply telling your co-workers of how they can join as you did. Once we receive 30% of your total store/office registered, your entire list of employees will be transferred to the Major Union where they will then notify your management team that you have sent us the necessary registration info needed to call for the vote to become union family members.

“How long are your PayPal payments to be made for” ask? 12 months ONLY! You will never be charged for any fees past 1 year after registering with the BullUnion.

“Run with the Bulls”!