Begin your  ”Brighter Future”  here.
Our 3-step process has been designed to organize you and your fellow employees into a group as quickly and discreetly as possible, so you can all be merged into an already existing major union. This process will help to avoid the problems associated with becoming organized for the purpose of earning respect, better benefits and more money.
Your 3-step process:
1 Register with the BullUnion.
2 Merge into the major Union.
3  Vote with your peers to become a Union Family Member.
Benefits you will receive:
1 Higher wages.
2 Job security.
3 Union scale holiday pay.
4 Union representation.
5 Pre-determined annual wage increases.
6 Pension Plan.
7 Insurance plan alternatives.
*Click here to begin your registration with us. By clicking here to register with the BullUnion, you are authorizing the major union that you will merge into, the ability to perform your collective bargaining process for you and all of your fellow employees.
*Most of us know the difference between right and wrong. But most of us don’t have much success with getting wage increases large enough to help ourselves get to a better place by making more money…that’s where the benefits associated with union organizing come into play. Don’t hesitate to help yourself and your family members live a better life and achieve more success along the way.